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Broken Whispers

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In a small Christian town in Syria, the dust of war remains on it, and the silence of battle is in the streets. Milad is an old painting teacher who teaches children to make them happy with the past days’ imagination. He also finds and repairs the musical instruments that ISIS destroyed. He gives the tools to the children to take to the people and find a player. Children walk among the houses looking for the player and listening to people’s stories about the war. With each story, an instrument is played. And in the end, the music returns to the city and flows in the streets.

Awards and Honors

World premiere, Yamagata, Japan, October 5th 2023, New Asian Currents official competition.

Annaba Mediterranean Film Festival, Algiers, Algeria, November 4th 2023, Documentary competition.


Amirathar Soheili, Amir masoud Soheili

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Broken Whispers

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