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House of Dolls

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This film is about a Syrian family life in a slum area. The family consists of the mother, Basima, who grew up in Italy, the father, Kareem and the child Mariam. The mother decorated her house with colors and dolls made of porcelain as if she wanted to create another world away from the gray buildings. The mother has breast cancer, and the chemical doses caused fractures in the vertebrate’s spine. The film shows how the father cares about his wife and daughter and the child trying hard to give hope to her mother.

The movie talks about that not everything that appears beautiful and happy is really like that, maybe it has a lot of pain inside. the human being can create a world that makes him happy and that he can feel comfortable inside.

Awards and Honors

The 21st edition of Ischia Film Festival in the “Scenarios – Out of competition” section from 24th, June 2023 to 1st, July 2023, Ischia, Italy.

The 19th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, Short documentary competition, 5-9 September 2023, Kazan, Russia.


Ghoufran Derawan

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House of Dolls

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