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Mamma Makhmal

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Grandma Makhmal, is an old woman lives in a village at the highest point of the Zagros Mountains. She appears to be a simple old lady, but she has a very strong and charismatic personality. This woman was forced several years ago to sell the plot of land she inherited from her father to save her son from execution and now she is trying to reclaim
the land.

Awards and Honors

The 15th cinema verite iidff, 17 december 2021.

The 21st Dhaka International Film Festival-DIFF, 15 Jan 2023; the Cinema of the World Section.

The 7th Yalta International Film Festival, Documentary competition, Eurasian bridge, 2-6 Oct 2023, Yalta, Crimea.

The 9th German International Ethnographic Film Festival, May 8-12, 2024, Göttingen, Germany.


Amir Hussein Khalilzadeh

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Mamma Makhmal

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