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A portrait documentary, which is about the floods in Ak Qala, a city in north of Iran. In 2019,
terrible floods occurred there, which led to the sinking of several cities and villages. Maher, who
emigrated to work in Turkey, has now returned to Ak Qala to participate in his sister’s wedding
party, but the floods destroyed everything. However, Maher made every effort to hold his sister’s
wedding ceremony, which was disrupted by the floods. He was fired from his work in Turkey due
to his prolonged stay in Iran. When he was trying to empty the water from their village with the
help of the rest of the villagers, he realized how much he loves his country and his hometown.
With the help of the popular forces, Maher was able to clean the village from the damages caused
by the flood and hold the party that was stopped due to the natural disaster. Nevertheless, in the
end, he realizes the extent of love he holds for his homeland and his hometown as well, so he
decides to finish building process of his house, which was disrupted due to his emigration, and
remain with his family in their village.

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Participated in Ecrans des Mondes, Regards d’Iran festival, Paris 2023.


Masoud Dehvani

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