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Simulation of Mr. yellow

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Simulation of Mr. yellow is a short Experimental Documentary About A journalist (Shahrazad) who travels to her motherland (Syria-Aleppo) to make reports for the media, in Aleppo a city which is destroyed in a war she meets an old Man all covered in yellow dresses. She gets interested in the yellow man and wanted to make a report about him, but the yellow man doesn’t talk at all. So Shahrazad Start searching for the true story of this old man in the whispering of a War-torn city.

Awards and Honors

Admission to the competition section of the eleventh edition of the Independent ceremony of Iranian Documentary Cinema in 2019.

Recipient of the bronze statue of Martyr Avenee at the Twelfth Reality Film Festival in 2018 Selected by the wision durrell Festival l in Switzerland.

Selected by Calgary Festival,in Canada.

Selected by Riga Festival, Lithuania.

Selection of England Derby Festival.

Selected by Sheffield Duck Festival, in England.

Selected by Sheffield Short Festival, in England.

Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Euro Shorts Festival.

Winner of the best documentary from the Honor strict View festival in England.

Diploma of honor for the best director from the Honor strict View festival in England.


Mahan Khomamipour

Release date:

Running time:
17 Minute

Simulation of Mr. yellow

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